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Super Quick Meals

Sometimes you need to make dinner super fast and don't have time to waste. Here...

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Broccoli Slaw Thai Style

I have to admit, I am addicted to broccoli slaw. You can find it in...

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Stuffed Branzino

Branzino is a European sea bass that can weigh 1-3 pounds and has a delicate...

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Delicious International Flavor

mdb-profile-purpleAbout Your Host: Michelle DeBerge

Michelle is an avid foodie who is always running food profiles through her head, finding new ways and shortcuts to recreate international flavors at home easily. Through her life journey she became gluten, sugar, dairy free for health reasons. Michelle then spent the next few years recreating some of her favorite foods in the gluten, sugar and dairy free way. Along the way she started using more seasonings, found out about the value of of plants and spices and lost over 200 pounds naturally.  Michelle has attended cooking school in many different states in the United States as well as in Spain, France and Mexico. She is constantly creating new recipes and ways of creating delicious food  that can be copied to success by the home cook.