I Help people with food restrictions Eat Well and Healthy

The recipes are gluten, refined sugar, dairy and soy free.  Each one is easy to follow with familiar ingredients and quick prep times that turn out very tasty. 

Michelle e deberge


I love variety in my recipes and meals so I will share a huge variety for you to enjoy!

I love the variety of recipes. They are all easy to make, turn out delicous and even my non-GSDF friends and families love the dishes! 

Jenny Martins

New Here?

I am rebuilding my website and will be adding recipes each week. I also offer consulting, cookbooks and digital products.

One-on-one Consulting

Support with menu plans, motivation and life changes. 


Cookbooks have recipes from the website but mostly new recipes not here.

Digital Products

Mini cookbooks, guide books, tip books, videos and much much more. 

Newest Recipes

Praise and Testimonials

With food allergies and being vegan, I was frustrated until I got the GSDF Vegan cookbook!

Paul Simmons

I love how easy the recipes are to follow!


Thank you for all the great cookbooks that make me shine in the kitchen! My family loves your recipes.

Mary Jones

I felt like I could not eat anything then I found GSDF and now have a huge variety of recipes I enjoy.


About Michelle DeBerge

Michelle E. DeBerge is a Foodie, Chef, Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author. She blends spirituality, experience, lifestyle, health, wellness and coaching together to create unique programs for her clients and audience. She uses her own experience of a serious health scare, her recovery, her discovery and study with some of the world’s top experts in nutrition, diet and health to form the foundation for health and wellness programs. She has studied cooking in the United States, Spain and France. Her love of tasty food drives her creativity in recipe creation.